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Professional Storm Damage Consultants and Home Repair Experts

The rain, wind, and hail have whirled through your neighborhood, perhaps downing trees and power lines. As you walk outside to survey your yard and your home, what can you do if you think there may be damage?

“I need someone that can climb up on the roof and look for damage; someone who can tell me if there is damage to my windows and siding. Someone who will make sure my homeowner’s insurance can cover the damage.”

That’s what 4Lakes Home Restoration can do for you. If a storm has damaged your home, we make sure the investment you have made in your home is preserved, and that it is repaired with every detail taken care of. 4Lakes Home Restoration is a full-service construction and restoration contractor, but we specialize in storm-related damage and complete home restoration.


Hail-damaged windows can compromise seals that cause them to fail prematurely.

Your 4Lakes Home Restoration representative is an expert in window evaluation and replacement.


Hail and wind can damage shingles or blow shingles completely off your home.

Let us survey your roof and evaluate its condition.


Hail-damaged siding can compromise the appearance and value of your home.

Storm-related damage is sometimes difficult to identify — make sure you work with an expert.

“4Lakes Home Restoration works with every insurance company in the industry, helping them deliver on their promises of great service — the service and protection you have been paying for and deserve.”

When it comes to restoring your home after a storm, 4Lakes Home Restoration delivers work of the highest professional quality — using the best materials available. All the coordination and repair work we do for you is paid for by your insurance company. Unless you want us to complete work beyond what your insurance company has authorized, all you will pay is your deductible.


Your 4Lakes Home Restoration representative will complete your FREE exterior inspection, and catalog any and all damage to the exterior of your home. Your 4Lakes Home Restoration inspection will determine whether or not you need to file an insurance claim for damage.


By taking a few simple steps, you can file your claim and put 4Lakes Home Restoration to work getting your home restored. We can help you through a simple four-step process to get the claim and repair work going. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners — your neighbors included.

Let us help you.

Field Adjustor Home Visits

We attend your Field Adjustor home visit and make sure that any and all damage to your home is noted and made part of your claim. Remember, we work with all the insurance companies in the industry to ensure things go smoothly for you — we are experts.


After the Field Adjustor home visit, we will put together a bid for all the work required to repair your home. The Field Adjustor also puts a bid together, and we work closely to come up with a final settlement dollar amount that will ensure all the work that needs to be done on your home can be completed. This results in a zero out of pocket cost to you, minus your deductible.

Project Plans

When you receive the Loss Summary Report from your Field Adjustor and a mortgage-holder endorsed insurance check, you can expect a complete review of all the details of your project.

Your 4Lakes Home Restoration representative will review your project plans, materials, costs, and schedule. We proceed and only consider our work done when all works are complete and when you are thoroughly satisfied.

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